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2015 Vietnam

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

Applied tourism E-marketing and event-strategy in the framework of ESRT – Environmentally and Socially Responsible
Tourism Capacity Development Programme, funded by the European Union

Capacity buildingE-marketingMentoring
2015 Austria

Carinthia Tourism Board

Along with local farmers, producers, members of Slow Food and representatives of the Carinthia Tourism Board, we worked with Barbara van Melle, head of Slow Food Vienna to conceive and conduct a two-day workshop in Kötschach-Mauthen and Lesachtal valley on new Slow Food – tourism experiences.

Innovation in tourismRegional tourism developmentSlow Food & tourism
2012 – 2014 Vietnam

Vietnam National Administration for Tourism

ESRT is a project funded by the EU to promote the delivery of environmentally and socially responsible tourism services as part of Vietnam’s tourism sector strategy. Within this project, Florian Sengstschmid developed a brand concept and implementation strategy for Vietnams’ tourism products on its main markets.

Capacity buildingKeynote and juryRegional tourism developmentTourism & poverty alleviation
2011 – 2013 Georgia

Georgian National Tourism Administration

Florian Sengstschmid worked with the Georgian National Tourism Administration within the Twinning project between Austria and Georgia “Support to the tourism sector in Georgia” with the overall objective to improve the environment conductive to an increased contribution of the tourism industry to economic development and job creation in Georgia. The three main areas of the project were structure, legislation and capacity building.

Capacity buildingRegional tourism developmentTourism & poverty alleviation
2010 – present Bhutan

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

EUDS led the project ‘ Creative entrepreneurship in the Creative Industry sector to support tourism development, for job creation and poverty reduction’ in Bhutan.

Capacity buildingInnovation in tourismProject managementRegional tourism developmentSlow Food & tourismTourism & poverty alleviation
2010 – 2012 Estonia

Enterprise Estonia

EUDS filled the position of tourism mentor to Enterprise Estonia during a two-year period. We developed a tourism destination management system and led the change process within the Estonian Tourist Board looking at a new strategy, structure and culture.

Capacity buildingMentoringRegional tourism development
2009 & 2010 Sweden & Hungary

Örebro Region & Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency

EUDS worked through the PRESERVE project to peer review two regions; Örebro in Sweden and Eszak-Alföd in Hungary. We assessed the regional tourism development strategy, conducted qualitative interviews and formulated a strategic approach for future regional tourism development.

Capacity buildingInnovation in tourismRegional tourism development
2008 Austria

Ministry of Economy / Verein zur Förderung des Steirischen Vulkanlandes

In co-operation with the Austrian Ministry of Economics and UNESCO, EUDS designed a workshop on the topic of ‘Sustainable Destination Management with focus on Intangible Heritage’.

Capacity buildingProject managementRegional tourism development
2008 Belgium

Leisure and Arts Group

EUDS performed a best-practice analysis on ‘the effectiveness of the media in regards to using the internet for promotion and information dissemination’ in online marketing, with a special focus on coastal regions.

Feasibility study & analysisRegional tourism development
2008 Russian Federation

Austrian Chamber of Commerce

EUDS worked with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce to formulate a common branding and marketing strategy for successful positioning of Austrian Tourism Education Institutes in the Russian Federation.

Education & TourismInnovation in tourismProject management
2008 Austria

Folxmusik Gastronomie GmbH

EUDS was in charge of managing the Pre-Opening of a restaurant and club in Vienna’s city-centre, and was responsible for the re-positioning of a 4-star hotel linked to these two Food & Beverage outlets.

Feasibility study & analysisGastronomyProject management
2008 Austria

Vienna Chamber of Commerce

EUDS designed a communication and networking platform for leading Viennese entrepreneurs under the roof of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

MentoringProject management
2008 Europe

ETC – European Travel Commission

Florian Sengstschmid was mentoring the president of the European Travel Commission (ETC) on development issues with special focus on enlarging its activities towards CIS regions.

Innovation in tourismMentoring
2007 Russian Federation

Austrian Chamber of Commerce

EUDS organized a feasibility study for the Austrian Chamber of Commerce on the export of Austrian Tourism Know-how towards Russia. The main objective was to implement a synchronized tourism-education program by Austrian standards in the Russian Federation.

Education & TourismFeasibility study & analysis
2007-2011 Austria

Austrian National Tourist Office

EUDS managed the Austrian EDEN project in collaboration with the Austrian National Tourist Office and Austrian Ministry of Economics in the years from 2007 until 2011. The topics of the award reached from Rural Tourism, Tourism and Intangible Heritage, Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, Aquatic Tourism to Tourism and Regeneration of physical sites. EUDS developed the selection criteria, assessed potential sites within Austria and jointly with other jury members proposed the final 3 destinations to be presented to an international jury

Innovation in tourismKeynote and juryProject managementRegional tourism development